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The one eyed man

You know the bit; king of the blind. I feel like that guy sometimes playing limit poker. Throughout life I wasn’t noted for my psychic abilities. I might be able to come up with two or three abilities. One of those might even avoid a wanted poster.

OK, the teaser paragraph is over. I’ve plugged the more line in above so you have to click through to get here. More is the little graphic that shows between these to paragraphs. I am back in the world of WordPress. It isn’t as easy to use in many respects but it avoid being a pure black box.

On to poker…limit poker. That lacks the class of Bond…James Bond. Limit was what I started off playing. It masquerades in many folks minds as the way to avoid losing a lot. Mis-perceptions abound among those playing limit it seems. Anyway, I put $200 on PokerRoom a long time ago and in a land far away. (Blog scrolls to distant perspective) The long ago part is obvious. The land far away was pre-UIGEA poker. That land is far from today. But, the play then and now isn’t very far apart.

Play is what I really want to talk about. There is a lot said about the quantity and style of fish/donkey/your-pejorative – then and now. Not much change that I can see. Play is or isn’t bad on the players part. Short term that has no impact. Whether it is what passes for their a-game or blind luck, few ends every session a loser. That isn’t affected by player ranking or relative skill. Long term is a different story.

I don’t play people and rank there skill. I’d like to but there are only a few that fit that bill. You need to see their result and action over weeks or months to get anything bankable. And, in that period, they aren’t static computer programs that don’t change. If Dun & Bradstreet screw up rating mortgages with paperwork out the wazoo available, my chance of rating players profitable is at best on par.

But, there is something that is obvious and available in rather short order. It is their tendency. Regardless of skill or short term success, tendency is the Achilles heel that 80% of players exhibit. Nowhere is that more obvious than playing limit. And none are immune to it. On my good days I’ll vary my play. When I slip to auto-pilot, and that is a constant risk playing limit, I join that 80%. I may vary the degree better than most; but, it will expose too much.

Here is a blog that summarizes what I’m trying to say in all this text. Marcel riled against the 20% of player and play penalty.

Some days we get better cards from the git-go. Others we suck out. Next time we are card dead and played the fool. Over time that averages out. We end up either beating the rake or not. Control of that is limited or non-existent. But tendencies make the difference between bigger gains and smaller loses.

I am consistently amazed by the amount of information on these tables. I can predict action by a player before his move far too often for his own good. Online play talks about gathering information like it is more difficult than live play. Live play does provide additions. But the guts of it glares at you on almost every table. That requires paying attention and avoiding the ABC approach. It isn’t the game a multi-tabling expert uses. They are seeking to smooth their variance. I like my approach better. It is very workable in all the options poker provides.


When I get to improving this blog’s appearance is a guess. These days I’m more interested in the text than the medium. I worked with computers. This play with the new stuff doesn’t hold a lot of attraction. So, there are two copies of blog rolls and things missing or outside good design practices. Sorry about that but I’d rather play a bit of poker.

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