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Ready or Not; Here I Come

Who didn't play hide and seek as a kid?  In our adult world, that has gotten a whole lot harder. If you have a GPS enabled phone, you can go on Google and have it track your every move.  In San Fran, a young lady who had that setup had her purse stolen. She called her sister who tracked their location and directed the cops to an arrest.

 Sounds pretty neat.  Bit of security parents can feel better having in their kids pocket.  Of course, you need a GPS phone, right?  Wrong!  AT&T and T-mobile have been tracking every client for 10 years.  Its a requirement of Homeland Security.  I didn't track down the others but other cell providers had the same requirements presented to them.

Not only can they track any phone that is turned on but they can report the speed of movement. Can we say Speed Trap?  Sure, and you're the radar aimed at yourself.  Would they do it?  LOL  Chicago's latest test is with a company that will use street cams to examine passing cars.  They will then compare it with insurance company databases.  No insurance?   Out goes a ticket. Word is that could create 200-mil added revenue for the city.  

London is a city that can track anyone across the city.  They caught a rapist using that info. There's technology in the wings that will do very rapid face identification.  That completely eliminates any thought of privacy.  And such grids are being extended to other cities who aren't using the Olympics as a convenient excuse.

Of course all this comes with security up the wazoo.  So, not a problem, right?  Electronic security is close to an oxymoron.  Another 2M credit card database – with personal info – was just compromised.   Security is like poker hand odds.   And, getting drawn out on is happening as much in the real world as it does at the tables.

But wait, that's not all!  With your nice set of Ginsu knives you can also track your family members for a small fee.  Or employees or that annoying neighbor or your dog or...

I'm still planning to complete the series I started and the third chapter should show up shortly. 


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  1. July 6th, 2009 at 12:37 | #1

    They ran the camera idea around these parts for some time. Even developed a fully functional photo-radar system that included the faces of the occupents. The system was shut down shortly after the 700th or so lawsuit.

    Something about the divorce rate increasing and privacy invasion.


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