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OK, I sort of know who the PPA is but who is IMEGA?  They, with the PPA, are lobbying for online gaming.  I went to their site and clicked on the about and got the following:


The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) is a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Washington DC.

imegawas founded in 2007 as a professional association dedicated to the continued growth and innovation of the Internet. We seek constructive engagement with government at the Federal and State levels to ensure that the challenges of this still nascent medium are addressed with the full participation of the people and companies that have built the Internet into the powerful influence on society it has become.

Joe Brennan Jr. is chairman of iMEGA. He is an online marketing consultant, and previously worked as a Director of Strategy for America Online, Inc. (AOL) and Senior Editor/Manager of Internet Promotions and e-Commerce at Nextel (now part of Sprint). Joe has developed strategies and campaigns for premiere media brands like Sirius, Time, CNN, Warner Brothers and People Magazine, as well as top sports brands like the NFL, NBA, NASCAR and Major League Baseball. His commentary has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post and CBS News. Joe was educated at Marietta College and Johns Hopkins University.

One of Joe's past relationships seems to stand out.  That is NASCAR.  Everything seems to be spaghetti letters for the real names, doesn't it?  Who else is from NASCAR?  WSOP guy?

We look at the good old days as having ended with the UIGEA.  (Damn all these letters.) In looking ahead we see supposed improvements in the offing.  What I really wonder is when we string the next collection of letters together whether we'll think of now as the middle good old days.

Online gaming is lucrative.  There are lots of entities out there salivating for a big piece of that pie.  Las Vegas is over extended and scrambling to make the next bond payment.  Does its getting involved mean things will get better for our play?  I don't know but it scares me a bit.

Any media type reading here?  You probably have access to the funding groups behind all this alphabet soup.  It might make interesting reading.

P.S. The guy who caused my last blog responded again without using a legit email.  Says he really works for a software company and not a union.  OK, Mr. Software Guru, ever think about a semi-private Gmail account?  I can clear your comments with that and you won't have to worry I'll sell your address to spammers.  And, seeing that he still thinks I'm wrong, he's welcome to go by Google and give me a longer comment finally explaining why.


  1. Dave Memphis MOJO
    August 25th, 2009 at 08:24 | #1

    I wonder why he is so secretive? I have a yahoo account that I call a “throw-away account.” I’ll give it to anyone and anybody.

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