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There is cheap and then there is

September 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Moi.  You'll not see me in the high roller section.  Even when money was more plentiful, I wasn't going to end up with a casino host.  So, it was interesting to see this article in Today. 

It is about the takeover by penny slots.  Our local boats have been mentioned.  I never could see slot play as a drug like Grubby.  If those darn things still had a lever, the lad would have a right arm that could be stunt doubling for Arnold. My only remembrance was playing a nickel one for an hour or so while wasting time heading for the airport.   LOL, I ended up cashing a bucket and a half. 

Whether casino or online, I've always approached it as recreation.  At times, I have considered playing higher when a particular flavor was working well.  Would do it a bit and find I wasn't having any extra fun. 

It is funny because in so many ways I'm a competitive person.  I see people who like to gamble often do it on a competitive base.  Poker is the only casino activity that caters to that and most aren't poker players.  You really can't compete with a slot or keno balls dropping.  You can take a flyer on Keno or the local lottery for fun.  Expected value it ain't

How did the Feds ever figure they needed to jump into my life and protect me from the evils of 'gambling' on the Internet?  What would I have done without all those hours of poker?  I guess I could have become a hypochondriac and cost Medicare a bundle.  Lots of folks do that.  If I totaled up all my ISP fees over the years, it is even harder to think I'm profitable.  But I think the profit has been huge.  I remain sentient and enjoying life. 

We're three months from having the bank deadline for UIGEA implementation.  Rumor has it the poo hits the fan and affects more than the big three sites.  Maybe all that will be left is my having to play higher or dumber at the boats.  Thanks be to my Federal protectors.


A few more spam today but nothing like yesterday.  All of that was caught by a new plugin I am trying called Cookes For Comments.   It beats Akismet Stats to the spam so the count on my main page didn't go up.  So, I disabled it again.  Askismet had caught everything and was wrong only once.  But, the CFC is sneaky while the other uses heuristics and data storage.  CFC sets a cookie and spammers typically disable cookies when they go on their spam runs. It is a sneaky approach that Dick Tracy could admire.  Although, liberals would accuse it of profiling.


  1. September 1st, 2009 at 11:36 | #1

    I’ve renamed all slots after a particularly nasty ex. As tempting as both may be, engaging either results in similar emotions afterward. There is no sense to it, and if there is any cause for governance, it should be in keeping either five hundred feet from my person.

    While at times poker seems to be such a mistress, I would liken it more to a marriage that remains intact because the good times far outweigh the bad. There are moments of discovery when one is overjoyed, usually the by product of dedication and diligence, and both qualities of a fulfilling life.

    Of course, such a defense for poker is for naught. The law has nothing to do with poker as a game or those who play it. It is about who will make the money from poker and its kin, games of chance.

  2. Dave Memphis MOJO
    September 1st, 2009 at 16:38 | #2

    I’m there to play poker and the slots don’t even tempt me. I used to have a clue as to how to play blackjack, but, now, it doesn’t tempt me, either. Poker is my mistress, and I give her my full attention.

  3. September 8th, 2009 at 00:55 | #3

    Well, if the feds aren’t regulating your gambling habits, they’ll probably be regulating my reproductive choices or something equally vile . . . someone has to lose.

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