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Clunkers and Consequences

September 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

You know I'm of a conservative bent.  But, it is hardly a mainstream bend.  I'll try to demonstrate that now.

I got directed to a blog called  Glen Beck Reality Check.  I'll recommend the read but am forced to admit I had zero idea of who Glen Beck is.  That hardly your normal, lock stepping conservative.  I don't watch those other conservative pundits either. Rush give me a bad rush.  My news comes on the Internet  in a seven-degrees of separation manner.  It miss a lot and finds a fair amount.

The cash for clunkers program did nothing to help out the car industry as a whole. In fact, GM and Chrysler (you know, the ones that got our tax money?) actually reported LOSSES for that month. And now, those of us that have semi crappy cars are seeing our cars go up in value.
For example. My wife’s car for putting around town is a big ol’ Dodge Ram V8 (the perfect example of a clunker). It leaks every fluid imaginable, but turns over EVERY time (those old better made cars will do that). Anyways, I’ve been checking up on the Blue book price, and its jumped about 800 dollars.

That quote comes from a local, conservative blog that won't interest the readers here but is a more global view and plays to one of my favorite terms.  That is the “unintended consequences” that are the cornerstone of current politics.  It really supports the ol' “Be careful what you wish for” saw. 

Today possibly good and heart felt idea can reverse and as the blog pointed above to show: it is almost impossible to undo mistakes in our government.

I do wonder time and again if anything I say has relevance.  I'm the old guy that would only see Beyonce as an attractive black women walking down the street.  I am so behind the times it is a joke.  So when I think the joke is the world today, it is as far from mainstream as I am.


Not much poker talk here of late.  As a group, we do brag about our downturn.  I guess I missed an opportunity.  It has been funny.  I've been having repeating session where I'm seeing very few bets.  My VP$IP at times is running single digit.  I intersperse that 60% ones where I get premium starting hand that go nowhere.


  1. Dave Memphis MOJO
    September 17th, 2009 at 10:53 | #1

    I guess poker is cyclical like everything else.

    “Rush give me a bad rush.”
    Funny line.

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