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News and Gas

October 3rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

This isn't about CAFE standards but could be.  It is about natural gas.  It is also about horrid news reporting.

 I'm just outside the Chicago market but linked.  The Chicago stations have a “NW Indiana Bureau” in name.  At one station it is a nice black reporter that you usually see doing Illinois stories.  When Michael died or some in-law killed an infant or there is a juicy crime, only then is she in the territory.  So, I've taken to watching South Bend stations and there are real stories about significant happening in the state there. I say this state but many transcend region.

One of the recent ones was on natural gas prices.  Last year made for a rough heating season. My bill was up a good 50%.  This year it looks to be down substantially.  There is a natural gas glut.  Gas is fairly clean which gets around the ecos so they went out and opened a bunch of new fields and we will benefit.  Con artist are going door to door trying to sell fixed pricing at the old rates.  Lots happening in the natural gas area and the big stations have ignored that in favor of Washington's carbon/energy push in other directions.

We've so much oil available today that isn't being accessed.  Much of it is in wilderness areas or requires mining that sets off the same ecology groups.  It happened here when a refinery wanted to expand to handle the heavy crude coming from Canadian oil sand sources.  It was all ok'd by the EPA but that wasn't good enough for neighboring congress folks. They tried and luckily failed to stop the expansion.  Canada made us less dependent on foreign oil and could even lower our prices if that suited Washington eco lobbyists.

Canada has found the means to access such deposits.  We have equally large fields.  They catch flack from the eco groups that stop it here but those groups don't have the clout in Canada that they do here.  That clout is apparent even in the latest PBS/Burns spectacular.   That had a lot of great info that should inspire us all.  But, interlaced were all the liberal talking points that, if they deserve discussion, deserve it in a different special.  The special ended up being great stories punctuated by current political agenda.

News and gas seem to go hand in hand these days.  Too bad the news' gas won't fit in my car or furnace.


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  1. October 3rd, 2009 at 11:50 | #1

    Too bad the news’ gas won’t fit in my car or furnace.

    Yeah, if you could bottle that stuff uP, then you’d be rich.

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