It is 10 P.M.

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Do you know where your children are? Well, the other night they were playing poker. It seems we have a new youngster millionaire. They say timing is everything. Can't argue that.

After a series of suckouts, the final table met at 10 P.M.  10 P.M. Isn't typical for starting times of anything other than a downtown tournament for chump change.   Why the final, final table at such a witching hour?

It seems it was the evil duo stacking the deck.   You have got to be a nut case to while away good sleeping time or even playing some poker instead.  The idea seems to have been to avoid the spoiler route as much as possible.  That was funny because my clock radio turned on to the results being broadcast on my radio.  Joe Cada!

The last few years have been kind to Harrahs and friends.  Sponsors stick and ESPN, well, ESPNs things in the own inimitable fashion. I'd have liked to see some more of the odd games but NLH is the thing the masses can understand.  Poker players have been the wrong demographic since riverboat days. 

Who else pays a horrid rake to struggle against the drawouts?  The 15% vigorish going to many events is typical.  So, why not throw in ruining our sleep or just adding more neglect.  This is done while completely ignoring things that might work to the players benefits.

Over the years, I've continued to knock Harrahs.  Better is a relative term and doesn't define who it is better for.  It has gotten better in some respects for players.  In others...

Moving on we have the better champion.  Darvin didn't want the spotlight.  But this doesn't look like a Moneymaker moment either.  Seems a level headed fellow.  That better than a lot of them came across.

I've played a bit of poker the last couple of days.  Even managed winning sessions for varieties sake.   But, there isn't really a blog in it.  Little bit of interest coming back is the real plus.

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