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Well, power is an oft used word. There is the Power Lunch and The Wife will wear her Power Suit to an important meeting – likely without the purple pumps. I have a friend that is an electrical engineer and his license plate is P EQ IV. Power is also associated with carbon emissions.

The government is supporting Cap in Trade. It seems there is a lot of solutions out there that have dire economic consequences. At this time, we don't have a lot to spare for such efforts. There is a difference between funds available in a surplus economy and that which faces us today. That is ignored.

Nuclear power is abused by those forcing the agenda. We've had our scares over the years where nuclear went from something you went to Vegas to watch in the morning sky to a challenge to our comfort levels.

Times change and so does the risk:reward. We're familiar with that ratio in poker and it doesn't change. The real world ebbs and flows. Maybe it is time you looked at today. This is a view that the Greens are ignoring as they ignore the cost associated with their solutions.

Current solutions embrace costly solutions to greenhouse gas that concerns many or most. The East Anglia hack brought 160 MB of email exchanges by those believing in global warming. It discloses that not all are pure scientists with an ax to grind.

I mentioned cost and that seems a serious and unanswered part of the current response. It is the economy, stupid – more than we like to admit. Spain leads the world in alternative energy project and here is a discussion of the cost associated with energy projects.  One of the most telling sentences states that each job created in alternative energy cost the 'real' economy 2.2 jobs.  If, down the road, we need that alternative energy we will do it from an economy even less able to support the associated cost.

I can't dispute or confirm global warming. I am a skeptic. That seems to separate me from the majority. But whether it is me or that majority, we lack the expertise to confirm or deny. And that makes us susceptible to those who have a different agenda than the stated one. Keep your mind open and understand consequences. Risk:reward carries a cost. We know that at the poker tables but occasionally fail to carry across the odds into life situations. As poker players we also understand bankroll management and that isn't part of today discussion on global warming.

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