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Hoosier Thoughts

January 20th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am a Hoosier. That has good and bad connotations. It's associated with a conservative bent and a feisty attitude. Guilty as charged.

But first:

Health insurance is big these days. It even affected the outcome of the Mass election in no small way. Health care is a problem that needs a real solution. If you aren't sure why, read Otis' take.

We Hoosiers are having tough times along with the rest. Elkhart had the highest unemployment in the nation for a while. Things are dribbling back and new business is locating there now to grab up their fine work force. Why?

Our state recently ranked number one in the Midwest for low taxes, earned the title of "Best Places for Business" by Chief Executive Magazine and "Best State For Business" by CNBC. In 2009, 160 companies chose Indiana over another state or country to make their next investments - promising 19,995 new jobs averaging $20.95 per hour and $1.96 billion in investment.  All that without extra stimulus packages from Washington.  Although, we ain't dumb and will take their cash.

We have a billion surplus but that'll be used up in two years. Its being used to plug holes but revenues are down and that has an impact. We've tightened belts though which most other government entities won't face. So far, state agencies have been cut 20 percent and higher education by 6 percent. In December, Gov. Daniels reluctantly announced the state will begin cost-cutting of last resort: schools. Indiana lawmakers invest nearly half of the state's budget in K-12 education, which was asked to trim 3 percent from local operations.  All that and our streets are still paved and the cops lurking to write a seat belt ticket like always.

The neighboring state has a 12-billion and counting deficit. They've an election and the governor is announcing new spending for various entitlements almost daily. After the election they'll either raise taxes or go bankrupt. Health providers are threatening to stop taking their Medicaid patents.

We've got Medicaid and unemployment insurance and all the rest. But the payouts are controlled and the amounts lower than across the state line. But, so are our taxes and cost of living. We're 'getting by' over here while there's gloom and doom on their evening news about all their problems.

My property tax bill is about a third of what it'd be over the line. And, the state capped property taxes by legislation and has even put it in the fall election as referendum to add to the constitution to keep lawmakers honest. It contines to cap property tax rates at 1 percent for owner-occupied homes, 2 percent for other residential and agricultural properties and 3 percent for businesses.

Nobody is really sure what a Hoosier is; but, I'm glad to be one.


Stop over at the Mojo man's site and drop him a bit of hate. At the tables and in life, timing is everything. While the rest of us were freezing our collective buns off, he was sipping Margaritas and soaking in Mexican sun and scenery. And the dastardly devil even has the gall to put pictures up of same.

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    Tee shirts and shorts — aaahh, but, hey, I’m not rubbing it in or anything.

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    With those legs you should have been arrested.

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