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One Word can be as Graphic as a Picture

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Hubris (also hybris) means extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

I was shocked (no, I wasn't really) to find that F-Train got F-bombed over at PokerRoad. It happened on a show called the B-Team. How appropriate.

A young man who has had past issues with perceived fairness called F-train out with the idea he'd trashed his 'bud' and the opinion expressed by F-Train seems to somewhat bear that out. In support, it seems that this opinion was shared by others.

Now the description above references “positions of power” and poker players understand that from both sides. That's a fair description of the game. We might even use gamesmanship to enhance that. Sometimes that goes beyond the pale and becomes angle shooting. That seems to be what happened in the broadcast. Get the facts wrong and you look like character assassins. Well, actually, you are character assassins.

While I don't listen to PokerRoad very often these days, I do respect the effort. And, I respect the basic morality that has come across at times. It is a media site that has attracted a certain demographic and the B-team seems to pander to that group. By the same token, the talent there includes folks that crossed over into the real demographic of broadcast standards.

Internet standards are far from the real world. Like poker it seems to have a connection. In many respects they can enhance our life experience. But, they aren't life. In life we are immediately responsible for our actions. That includes physical, business, relationships and so on. When we screw up, we pay up. Poker and some poker players ignore that and think their rebuy can cover the situation. That ain't the real world.

PokerRoad should issue a strong apology. This isn't over who was right or wrong in a hand or three. It is about going beyond the bounds of courtesy and fairness. In life and at the tables, angle shooting has to be called out. That is especially true when it attacks someone's workplace.

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