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Pols – Poker – Sugarloafs

This blog is going to be a mish-mash. Rather than pick a topic and handle it poorly. I intend to be ecumenical in that regard.

Well, the wife is back from the third world. Seems the BRIC trust remain areas that require folks like Hector or a very low profile. Then she gets home and almost needed him in a theater parking lot. File this one under cars. A recurring drama in those parts. But what got my attention was the blog before the link where Hector was the star. How in the hell, did Brazil beat out Chicago for the Olympics? Hell, you can get about in Chi-town with half the muscle.

Some jamoke down south played luckbox. Actually, he has been showing some pretty consistent play and proving even bridge players have male equipment to spare. While bridge seems gentile compared to poker, it is just a more subtle form of the Roman circus. They merely cover the blood in the sand with Belgium lace doilies.

Mike Sexton became the last man standing. In this instance it was with their 2010 predictions. Its an interesting read. The part that caught my eye was legislation. I've got a bit different take on it. While Europe struggles for homogeneity, the US seems headed towards a states' rights confrontation. That bit about “Congress making no laws that...” could really muddy the waters. Various state legislatures are whoring themselves trying to get out of the huge holes they've dug. Gambling is another sin tax issue that has attracted many. Will they do it and then will they let the Feds grab it back? I have a feeling that the mess will get messier before it gets better.

Last, I caught the defrocked governor of Illinois on C-span last evening. He was the guest for a panel from Northwestern's schools of journalism and law. He really tore them a new one. The eggheads got themselves cracked and then scrambled. If I hadn't seen his original act and only heard his explanation, I'd figure the Pope would send in a beautification team to check him out for becoming Saint Blogo. He controlled the debate to the point of making Lincoln – Douglas into amateur night. The creep is amazing. It almost makes me willing to watch that Trump crap. The bookies must have him even money to win.

OK, enough with the link whoring. Back to my sloth based posting.

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