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And now…

April 17th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

There is that old joke about calling them a whore and citing that the only thing happening now is that we are arguing over price.

This morning I fired up the reader and it was wall to wall posts.  Wow!   Oh, happy day!   So, away I went for a great morning fix.  And what do I get?  Ninty bazillion BBT logos.  Anything else?   Well, we might have averaged 3 words per post and all those were a single word …  Al.

Now I’m not opposed to graft.  Yeah, there will be ‘bloggers’ there that have fewer posts these days than Iggy.   There will be others that aren’t much on poker these days — yeah, guilty as charged.  But, I’ll cut you some slack and you know who you are.

So many I respect were among the most sloth laden.  There is a two word term for such folks.  I won’t say it but it starts with lazy and ends with bastard.

I was hurt.  I was disappointed.  I felt abused.   For a moment there, I felt like one of my regular readers.

As to the BBT, well, honestly, that should be BoBT! And I hope the laziest of you get BoBT by deuce-seven.

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