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Support Hell

I did something stupid — go ahead, say it. And, that got the attention of FullTilt support which locked my account. They demanded that I identify myself with a copy of my driver’s license and a utility bill or such. Simple right? Dream on!

After any number of exchanges where I’d say something and there would be a canned response that was as close as that particular indivdual thought pertinant. We finally got to the point of sending the validation crap.

I sent them the data. The bill was the local municipality’s bill.

I blanked out the address here; but they got it uncorrected.

You’d think that would do it, right? Wrong! Their problem was they said they could not identify it as a current bill because it was not dated for the date it was issued. The fact that it is now due in just under two weeks didn’t register.  Or the guys who wrote their policy was anal to a fault.

So, I responded. But, I responded using a different email address. I did it because the email was checking their address with Spamhaus. Now a few days ago that wasn’t happening. Evidently their techs mucked with their account and switched this department to a working but unacceptable account setup. So, I switched from that email to one that would send it. They didn’t care I was responding to an email they’d sent to the registered account. So, I had to do 3 cut and pastes to use the online version of composing mail that bypassed the remote entry checking they do.

Now back in prehistoric times with computers, the next great thing was called expert systems. That idea was to take some wizard on a topic and store their knowledge in a computer to process. Long story, short…it didn’t work. Problems like these poorly trained humans are making would happen in the electronic brain. It was knowledge used with out art or common sense. And that in a nutshell, describes FullTilt support.

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  1. May 13th, 2010 at 08:07 | #1


    The “support” has been attrocious at best on just about every site these days.

    Okay, Okay! So it’s NOT actually funny!

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