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My worst game by far is O8. Make it pot limit and I’m worse. The 8 games are about peddling the nuts and I am too much an impatient optimist or idiot, I guess. So why did I play a PLO8 tournament? Yup! The title says it all.


There were less than 50 players when I registered late. Some others saw the overlay and we ended up around 60. It was a $500 guarantee with a $5 buyin.


Am I particularly proud of my play? Laughter ensues. Right from the first big hand.

This got me the lead at the end of the first hour.

The way the betting went I felt had to call this preflop round robin. I was at the end of the all-in cycle with pot odds making me want to see what happened. Pretty dumb holdings all around but the chaff was still present in quantity.

What a nice river here. I figured I was solid for at least a chop. Did better. And those two hands left me with the lead at the end of hour two with the bubble in distant sight.


I’d like to say I went on to win it but the start of the second hour saw me showing my ankles – yup, feet of clay. A loose cannon was making move after move I figured I might move him off his hand with the texture. He called and his crappy pair won. Good read but bad outcome.


I finished in 12th after that silliness. The $12 was like a kiss from my sister. But, I managed to do better with my worst tournament game than I’ve been doing with my good, better, best.  Gotta love a nice overlay.  Just a few more places and I'd have picked up minimum wage.

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