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World’s Best?

Well, I took a look at PokerListings coverage of the WSOP. The site says it has the “world’s best poker deals” and that must be all in the fine print. I don’t think they are either getting folks discounted rooms at the Imperial Palace or offering rakeback.


One of our local TV stations, WGN, has modified their news reporting. Folks now wander around the news room chatting. The chatting consists of quips – sans decent writers. It is worse than the old idea of what constitutes ‘good’ TV news – Happy Talk TV. That was pioneered across town at channel 7.


Evidently the same media consultants responsible for understanding the masses went to work for PokerListings. They too are sporting a new format – chatty Cathy. Should make reporting easier though. Seems they can talk about pros smelling of strawberries – certainly an improvement on the tradition of unwashed – instead of throwing out a hand history of some interesting confrontation.


It seems quite disjointed and hard to follow. It has me wishing to go back in time to a hectic, slightly urine stained Pauly at the start of online reportage. That was the one that had us all reloading our browser like hyperactive children.


It all reminds me of Sargent Friday’s admonishment, “Just the facts, mam. Just the facts.”


I don't know if I getting coverage of the WSOP or watching Inside Edition.

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