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How to go to the WSOP

No, I don’t have a secret to share to turn you into Phil Helmuth. Come to think of it, why wouldn’t someone want to. This is all about the plane, boss, the plane.


OK, you’ve more money on hand than common sense. More likely you’ve factored in enjoyment:cost in the same way you are familiar with risk:reward. God Bless and have fun! But, now you have to get through the airport. You don’t want to miss the flight. You are excited. Your last name is something like Smith instead of El something-or-other. Should be a piece of cake, right?


Well, the government is involved using their stalwarts in Homeland Security and their minions. You’ll be subjected to a series of well funded bits of pseudo science that will be monitoring your respiration and blink rate as you approach the concourse. This pseudo science has gotten negative comments from the GAO. It has resulted in around a quarter million extended interviews — often involving handcuffs — without a terrorist caught. Time to put on your final table sun glasses or at least that poker face if you want to make the flight.


I could make it appear that I’ve worked long and hard to give you the answers to make it to the plane; but, you’d see right through it. So, here the link to the article I could have tried to plagiarize. OK, plagiarize more than I already have.



The Aussie government wants Facebook to add a button to give people a quick link to law enforcement.  Let me see, give every nutcase doing 'his/her thing' on Facebook a quick way to turn in their antagonist or some other nut case.  Yeah, that sounds great to me. No problem with that.  Let link in Scotland Yard and Interpol too.  Should put them on a no fly list ASAP.  Make fun of my hairdo will you? My god, they want the crazies to run the asylum.

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