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The Internet is Cool

Well, DUH! But, wandering about is akin to having a Hot Tub Time Machine.


I was a boy scout. That’s hardly earth shaking news given my gender and the times. It was troop 210 for those keeping record. It was part of the Pokagon Trails Council. They ran Camp Betz, which I attended. ($25 for a week – food and bus ride included – but understand $100/wk was a pretty decent job and a new car could cost well under a grand) It wasn’t all that posh though. The food wasn’t quite one-star but it was filling. Instead of baguettes, it was Wonder Bread served in the wrapper. Instead of butter, it was apple butter from a #10 can doled out into a utilitarian bowl that weighed more than the contents.  The beverage of choice was the institutional version of cool-aid. The bunks were just the spring and you bought along a big sack — straw bales provided by the camp.


But, I even made Junior Staff for a glorious month and it even came with a real mattress. Good memories. So, in wondering the net. I came across s reference to it. It was glorified by Gene Shepherd who glorified The Region in childishly endearing ways. His claim to fame is, of course:

Visit my boyhood haunt!


Yeah, it was as ratty a camp as pictured but it was the primitive frontier to my compatriots and me. And, I’m still using the canoeing skills they imparted. We used that skill to paddle 7.5 miles up river to an even more decrepit property. The first year I was only a passenger. I learned how lucky that was in latter years.

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