No, not him. In sports terms. That’s the homer here. I hate politics as much as politicians. I was never good at the office variety. I got by mostly by silence. Some of you may wish it extended to this blog.

These days, my only real idea on politicians would be an amendment to the constitution that added another option to the voting booth. It would add: (3) None of the above. Sometimes, I think we’d be better off with an unfilled seat in congress or whatever than the options provided. It might break that cookie cutter version of how to be a successful politician.

I do have an exception. He’s my homer. It is our governor. Maverick is a popular adjective being thrown into political resumes. Kook might equally apply. But, even there, there can be good kooks and bad. The article I’d like you to read is a bit long but it sure details one of the good kooks. He’d make a great candidate for national office but he also a bright fellow and really hate the thought of putting his family through that meat grinder.

I don’t know your views or leanings but, whatever side it takes, the guy will make you think.

Here’s a darn fine read.

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