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Trip Report – we are now moving to Dante’s third circle (Home of the Glutton)

Not a lot to report. I’ve been playing a little and it I suck. As the saga has been told, I’m playing on UB – avoiding giving FT my rake. There aren’t as many tables to choose from. There are/were more Stud8 games for some reason. It is also true that more women are playing them, Anyway. I’ve been playing the S8b tournament (3.30) to try to build some S8b chops.


If you read other blogs, you’ll see there is another idiot out there. I’d already figured out that a book on S8b was rarer than hen’s teeth. What I had forgotten was that Super System has a section. This made me the bigger idiot.


Again, reading this brought out features that just don’t fly well at the levels I play. Todd talks about playing lower and for him that is 30-60. At the 1-2 and mostly down that I play, aggression is more penalty prone. Completing and two betting early isn’t nearly as EV has he makes it to be. Sklansky even agrees with me here. At these limits, punishment is reserved for later play. But, he does expand my knowledge of what is playable.


OK, back to the title. Of late, my gluttony has been limited to punishment. I’ll avoid the bad beat stories – I don’t have the bankroll to pay you a buck for each one I could bore you with. On the good side I haven’t tilted. In a couple of days of playing S8b ring, I’ve dumped 6 buy-ins. OK, that isn’t the cooler from hell but it is annoying.


The card fairy has been consistent at both ring and tournament. It goes something like this:


Her: Here are your options:

          1. Great starting hands that never get better

          2. Second nuts galore with the nuts always there

          Sound: Ah-OOO-Gah

          Her: Sorry, you weren’t quick enough so you get both.


          The idea being that that nice hand in five gets taken down by runner-runner in the last two streets. Todd also describes S8b as a low variance game. I’d thought that too until the last couple of days.


          The style of play though is different. The Stud players are an aggressive lot on the whole. There are a number that try to make a living off of pure aggression. I have a tracker program and can report that very -EV. They love those bluffs. While at S8b there are a lot more rocks. But both have enough chasers to make it interesting.


          Anyway, that’s been my day; how goes yours?




          Well, CrAAKKers has an interesting bit looking at the PPA and how it relates to reality. The look is a common theme that’s best articulated by Bill Rini. The idea being that the landscape is one closer to Dali than concrete. Rini’s is well thought out and the Iowa flash fleshes it out even more.


          The quote I’ll throw out is one from Dylan Thomas to his dieing father:


          Do not go gentle into that good night


          The assumption in all this is the law will make the bad boys of online poker play dead. Now, the only thing better than having a successful online site would be to own the government printing office – paper money division. The idea that Harrah’s et al can lock them out of the market. News break: that where they are and exist.


          So, Harrah pulls off the nasty and gets them banned. Duh! Nothing has changed. Harrah’s can do all those corporate things to “promote their brand” and run ads on TV. That will erode away the outlaw’s market and bring fortune and fame to the bricks and mortar crowd. Game; set; match.


          Until the WSOP came along and even after. poker rooms were the poor relation in casino planning. They don’t make enough money and are populated by degenerates looking for more perks than their rake provides and complaining more than a Jewish mother. But, that’s not a problem, online there is no buffet or walnut paneling. It profit beats the crap out of B&M table games.


          All that is well and good. The part ignored is that half a loaf is still more than the ownership of the online sites can eat. They could do adequately on a fraction of the current rake. This would be a major attack on the B&M business plan. Harrah’s is a business. The owners of Full Tilt are gamblers. If they are going bust they’ll do it in style and bloody their opponent. Before both sides bleed to death, they’ll likely kiss and make up.


          Outcome? We might get treated nice for a change but only for a while.

          1. Very Josie
            June 29th, 2010 at 12:13 | #1

            Copy cat!  I gave you the idea to focus on stud8 didn't I?  Next thing I know you'll be posting poetry…oh wait, you did that yesterday on my site!  LOL
            Tonight I am going to be a Stud8 master on Full Tilt – aggro baby!  I'll do a write up just for you.

          2. June 29th, 2010 at 15:25 | #2

            I’m older than snot and you have the temerity to say it was your idea. ROFL

            But, I hope you do better than I’ve been doing of late.

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