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Getting Weird

Yesterday, I made onion rings. Vidalias!  Yumm.  I took the basket out to cook them.  Didn't put it or the lid back when I was done.  This morning while the coffee was brewing I went to put the basket back in and it wouldn't go in the oil.  It also make a squeaky kind of sound.  Humm…

I look in and the surface looked odd.  There was a lump with a pillar like thing sticking out.  It was in a fairly dark spot.  Turned on the track light.  It was a living baby bird.  I know I am not a great housekeeper and have woolie bunnies under the bed; but, this is getting too weird.  I put it outside.  It left but I'm not holding out for a long life.  Maybe if BP was around it might have done better.

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