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I very much enjoy reading his CrAAKKer site. I think the attraction is that of opposites. He does get going on his d-bag events on a regular basis. Where he is exercised over our human foibles, I find them endearing. The only true benefit I see for him is improved circulation.


We all do have our pet peeves. My list as at least as long as the next guys. There/their/they’re never going to be resolved. But, they make great bar and blog fodder. I really don’t care whether he is different than or from me. I’d rather celebrate our/are/or differences than strongly chastise those who are inspired by differing thoughts.


I think poker blogging is a place we celebrate our differences more than in the real world. It is amateur night in more ways than the average, simple, grammatical few. We can usually tolerate the other guy’s obvious stupidity in having thoughts that differ from ours. After all, we can even tolerate people who brag about crAAKKing our class A hands with trash.


Yes, the world would be a better place if it factored in implied odds more. After all, life is played only in the no-limit version.




Grange and my mother would have hit it off. Although, her tizzies revolved around news anchors and the spoken word.  She only found one acceptable on a regular basis.  I can't recall her name but she was a black anchor that did weekends on the national news. 


She was probably the one that instilled my interest in the language.  But, I love trying to mess it up in odd ways.  In milspec that would be firing for effect.


I do know most of grammar; although, it wasn't something I enjoyed.  I found little enjoyment in drawing silly diagrams of sentence structure and similar, anal delights.  I make my illiterate mistakes on a regular basis  — can't is often can.  Other repeat offenders abound.  If you come back here a day or so later, I'll typically have proofed again or for the first time and cleaned up my act a bit.  But, if you got the gist, I'm happy and satisfied.


I have mentioned this before but that is hardly unusual around here.  I took English Composition — well, because it was required.  My C102 instructor was a typical academic.  He bragged he'd never given an A. Schmuck! But, he gave me a B.  He was all about content.  C103 was taught by a French woman with English her second language.  She was a Language Cop.  I got a D.

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