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That little stud8 tourney

August 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

OK, maybe luckboxing it but I had this one coming.  The last week or so I'd get to the final table or two and then spew chips like a drunken blogger.  Rivers were particularly nasty during that time.  So, it was my turn to get hit over the head with the deck.  Sue me.

I came to the final table the short stack.  Five places paid so the work was cut out.  We all seemed to flounder around.  There may have been two that had more than 10 BB but it wasn't by much for the one.  So, you really had to be selective.  It took a good while but I started chipping up.  And they kept coming.

By the time we were down to three, I had about 34K to the other two having less than 3K.  Table captain time and I managed to do it up right.

A while back I got my bud, Mojo, to transfer a hundred to that account.  Today's win got me to over $300.  I'd been in that area and then the ring play didn't cooperate well. So it was a timely cash.  

This silly little 3.30 tournament has been kind to me.  Today was the 16th time I managed to money in the thing.  Today I even beat out minimum wage.  Almost made it to the day laborer range. Well, 3.30's aren't going to make anybody rich but it is a fun tournament.  Goes off at 9:40 EST.  So, I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I know most think of evenings as poker time but I'm an early bird.

I call it a tournament because UB does.  It more like a three table SnG in fact.  Last about 3 hours and change.   I'm able to maintain interest that long at Stud.  More to do and less likelihood of an early bustout keeps me motivated.  I can't really pull that off at NLH. 

Really, you have to play poorly or get creamed by the deck not to make it to the second break.  (1:20)  Today, we had 4 busts at that point and that's typical.

Oh, I even met a local guy playing it.  He's just up the road a ways.  That was nice.  Stngr, if you are reading this, HI!

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  1. August 19th, 2010 at 12:18 | #1

    Glad to hear you're doing great. I just swapped $80 for MorningThunder to play at Full Tilt. I hope it does well for him, too.

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