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September 27th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

That's what Falstaff and I competed for over on PokerWorks. We got very good at glamming onto some bit of news and plagiarizing innovatively rewriting. Actually, I think both of us did a pretty good job of adding a different slant or perspective. Linda soon decided that my wide venturing from the limits imposed by the AP style book* were more suited to blogging than being a real author – like Falstaff.  (Read my review of the book there for deja vu.)


I just got done with my RSS morning review after busting out early in that Stud8 tournament. I found out Gus Hansen won his first WSOPE bracelet – about 9 times I got beat over the head with a factoid that was close to being old news.  Falstaff and I were at least up early and writing quickly to be current.


The lazy ones provide a one paragraph summary. The even lazier provided a “link dump” to yesterday's news.


Let us all kowtow to the SEO gods at Google.


P.S. My dog page rank is bigger than yours! I think it is because I don't play that game. 


* I did buy a copy of the AP style book.  I am still meaning to read it.



A week ago today, (9-20) was “Talk like a pirate day.” for those throwing a Yar or Matey into their vocabulary. If you go beyond the talk, check out this article. It just might keep you from walking the plank

Those wacky folks over at the UN believe in covering all bases.  Their latest use of the funds aren't to feed the starving or do away with war.  They are appointing a person designate to provide our views in a first alien encounter.  They either know something we don't or are on a sugar high from too many Reese's Pieces.

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  1. September 27th, 2010 at 19:42 | #1

    It looks like an interesting book, so I just bought the Kindle version.

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