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I've been a bit lax about posting but based on what's flowing through my RSS reader I'm not alone. About the only one's with consistent posting are the ones who are more SEO mavens than bloggers. I see their repeating headers and tell the reader to mark them as read. I should just drop their feed but every so often I find something interesting.


I'm not claiming sainthood. I blogged for a paycheck. Truth is that at the start I was as lame and intermittent as the worst I could complain about. And even at our very best I wonder how often we really get it. Too much of it runs on about bad beat, variance, hand histories, highs and lows. That may be a slight excess in living the moment.


I envy people like Doc who had a clear vision of where they wanted their life to go and made it happen. I was never that. I went through a number of jobs that gave me a decent living but little satisfaction. While I attended college and was an adequate student for the most part, it wasn't my education. I'm mostly self-educated or have come as close to educated as I can on mostly my own.


Poker has come to be the second most important bit of self-education I've accomplished. The first was learning computers which brought some semblance of discipline – not a top 5 attribute in my playbook. And, I was able to garner a more enjoyable, although less profitable, livelihood. I was happy with the tradeoff.


Why is poker so high at #2? Well, I can't claim to be a mind reader in the game of life. There was a lot that left me confused or disappointed. We all have those moments. I don't know if mine were more or less than average. Poker, even coming later in life, has help fill in a fair amount of those blanks. That it has has amazed me.


We almost never bring that part of poker to our surface thoughts. Well, it is a lot of fun to bitch or brag or harass the friends we're making along the way. And, when we do live in the moment, that certainly can be a positive. Those represent our day-to-day thoughts and actions. But, for all those people I see enjoying that, I think I'm just watching the little surface current in a river that runs deeper.


Poker energizes thought processes we can easily avoid in life. Poker changes our pattern of thinking. It is Psych, Philosophy and Soch 101s all rolled up into one interesting dynamic. It doesn't come with handouts and boring lectures. It is visceral and challenging. It promotes discipline. And, it doesn't require a traditional classroom.  And, the way education is going, it is a hell of a lot cheaper.


Our great thinkers like Einstein or a Goddard report little encounters that change how they viewed things and brought about new insights. On a good day, poker can do that. At least, it has done some of that for me. If you look a bit closer, I'll bet it has done some of that for you.  Poker really made me a more complete person.


I now return you to my regularly scheduled blog:


Man, yesterday sucked. I was so card dead. And sitting there I had to watch idiots pulling cards out their backside. I went out two shy of the final table and five shy of the money. Not bad considering. But, man, it really did suck!


OK, your turn.




Speaking of idiots, they aren't giving up on poor MickyD.  He's become the evil overlord. San Fran outlawed `em and now folks are all confused about the diabolical, aged Happy Meal.  At the same time they rush to the store for sun dried tomatoes or a packet of salad dressing that has desiccated goodies they restore with some vinegar and oil.  They probably stop by the camping store for some freeze dried meals to take on the hike coming up.  But all that is Yuppie healthy.

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  1. October 15th, 2010 at 08:33 | #1

    MickyD is sort of a metaphor for life. There, you can eat Big macs and grease, or you can eat their salads and yogurt (they call them parfaits, I think). MickyD isn't bad, the people who make poor choices, now that's what's bad.

  2. October 15th, 2010 at 10:00 | #2

    Life is a journey. Make sure you stop along the way to pick up a few extra happy meals. I mean, "happy" is right in the title!
    PS. I started with computers around 1982 and was a DOS programming king. My dad even asked if I intended to get serious about computing and perhaps even make it a career. I told him no, computers were just a passing fad and would never be more than a hobby for anyone. Good thing I had a back up plan, because I sure wouldn't make it in the predicting world.

  3. October 15th, 2010 at 15:29 | #3

    The 'gap' in posts around Bedrock is quite simply, a new found love for making a successful Ma & Pa Canada. I've always had a dream and through them right now, I'm making it happen for them and totally living vicariously through the success I've been fortunate enough to have had a part in creating.
    My pad is full of posts and my heart wants to write them all. My time allowance and interest in posting rather than doing, are both set on "NAH" right now however.

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