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It is Murder out there; Murder I say!

I have a single wish for an amendment to the Constitution. Make the ballots contain an added option: None of the above.


I usually watch the Chicago stations and they have “hot races” all over. Tight! No call type races. Commercial breaks often contain only political ads and they are all attack ads. Left or right. Up or down. You've got to be embarrassed by the spin they are doctoring.


It has got me wishing for “Mayhem” and his pink minivan from Allstate. And that is about as low as advertising normally gets. Candidates for Governor, Senate, Congress, and dog catcher are acting like fools. Worse yet, they are taking us for fools.


Of course the real blame falls back on our shoulders. We selected them in the primaries. Although that beast is so stacked with rules and regulations that any sane candidate would avoid the pain. So, we get the leftovers.


The politicians talk about gridlock caused by the other guys. Gridlock? Bring it on I say. It may be our only salvation from those we're forced to send to the funny farm on the Potomac.


Yesterday, I caught some academic being interviewed on PBS. He blamed the media. They seldom inspect the outrageous political claims their stations run. He right but we're still left with two lousy candidates lying about each other.


Yup, give me a none of the above option. It is for the good of the country. Nothing would be better than the something offered

  1. October 20th, 2010 at 12:56 | #1

     Make the ballots contain an added option: None of the above.
    Instead of 'none of the above,' how about: "Send the bums back. Bring us new bums." Do you detect my cynicism?

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