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Interesting Times

November 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, the night of the pundits is behind us. The media provided us with both irrational exuberance and irrational angst. Media P&L's will return to normal. Time to get on with life.


The outcome was mostly as projected. There will be a tea party in Washington. Not as well populated as some hoped. The tea party is the most interesting. Will it transition into a real party/wing. Up to now it is little more than every unhappy fellow – with or without tinfoil hats. It is the second movement in as many years that seeks change. Will it develop into a group capable of seeking reasoned change or will the headless chicken syndrome prevail?


It will be an interesting time. The voting is still out on it being a constructive time.


I was disappointed that Harry made it. Nevada's tea party found a far out candidate that let him squeak through. While one of the SEO chasing poker blogs thinks he's “good for poker” and voted for him, I see him as a little man peeking out of others pockets. His arrogance joined their other leadership in an unbecoming manner.


There is one Dem that I'm shocked and a bit disappointed in his losing. That'd be Russ Feingold. My disappointment certainly isn't because of the views we share. Wisconsin is a neighbor that isn't really part of the neighborhood. It'd seem much happier facing the cold Atlantic than the Great Lakes. Its progressive views would be at home in New England. Russ fits that mold but he wasn't a lock step member of the progressive wing. He could see another view that seemed as valid as his party's. He could anguish over his decisions. I'm really shocked that Wisconsin – even in this corrosive atmosphere – didn't recognize Russ as one of their own.


The contrast between Reed and Feingold is obvious in the intellectual disparity. Sadly, neither side has enough Feingold types. But, the Republicans are showing some humility this morning. Representative Boehner seems to recognize the nature of their accidental House landslide.


Yup, there's interesting times ahead.

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