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My opportunity to pleasure a women these days looks uphill toward slim and none. So, when the chance comes, I am in.


The women in question is Josie; so put your nudges and winks on a back burner. She is a bit over the top but ain't that stupid. Nothing will be happening that will cause a word play on Long John Silver to mar my Supreme Court nomination.


Josie left a comment in my last post:

Very good post.  Please write more posts like this…esp about stud, which I know nothing about.


I've remarked that friends get cheap shots. Some don't lend themselves well to that but Josie only trails Bammer in playing straight man person to my shoddy humor. So, here's one to kick things off: STUD? STUD? REALLY! I was talking about Stud 8's or better. Difference! Huge Difference! HUGE HUGE HUGE … god I'm starting to sound like over the top Josie. Lets move on.


This blog will cover the trip to where I'm at. I'll try to flesh the rest out as we go along, I hope. I played very little limit. It is where I started online and I sucked. Made the transition to little SnG's and that was my wheelhouse for a fair amount of time. When the HORSE hoopla hit the WSOP, I decided to give it a go. I'd pretty much burned out at Hold'em.


I'd played a bit of Omaha. It was enough to know the basics and to be comfortable with four down. Hold'em? Well, I said I sucked at limit and while I knew Hold'em I can't say I was fully comfortable. The 7-card games were a no-man's-land. That's not a key to great success but playing a tight game kept me from redepositing.


I started throwing in a bit of RAZZ ring. I'm not sure why. I guess it was the first of the family that I started to feel a bit comfortable with.  But, I did have a moment where Chris Ferguson was on his zero to nice bucks project and got to sit at a .25-.50 table with him and even took some of his chips as he busted out. RAZZ is a nasty little game that lends itself more to Waffle's or Jordan's style than my TAG meanderings. Everyone says it can get nasty but that is incrementally above the other seven card game members.


I gravitated from there to Stud. My buddy JB Harshaw played a lot of it and suggested and out of print book that is a good foundation. It is pre-computer and a bit dated. The Sklansky book is far more detailed but it sure was thin and a quick intro. One of the things it said was that the average hand at stud is a set of nines. I said that once in a chat and was poo-poo'd but over time I think it is actually pretty close. We'll get deeper in that as we go along, I hope.


I went from there to S8b by accident. I've been playing at UB and finding a game is iffy. So, when I saw a S8b tournament that was cheap, I used it as a time filler. There aren't a lot of books or info about the S8b game. The only real coverage is in Doyle Brunson's book and those are written by Chip Reese and his son in the later edition. That's ring and I was playing tournaments so even that was marginally helpful. We all know there's a difference between ring and tournament.


Why my transition? Well, I was burned out on Hold'em. The beats can get really frustrating at times. I've played two Hold'em tournaments in the last six months. I won the first and played a single hand in the second. On that last one, I flopped a set of threes, bet solid on the flop; pot bet the turn; lost on the river to K6s. If you followed yesterday's November Nine table you saw worse.


Now the seven card games have even worse suckouts. In fact they are even more routine than the community card games. Well, Omaha high is close but only close. The thing is they are so regular that the beat isn't a blood pressure popping event. That sounds a bit strange but, if you try it for a while, I think you'll share my view.


Well, that's the starter. No great disclosure ever yet. There probably won't be. I operated as a programmer for a lot of years and that is very disciplined. The KISS principle truly applies. I've never been a disciplined individual so how it and poker became a big part of my life is a question. I think the KISS principle is the core of that. Keep It Simple Stupid works. And that little S8b tournament brought that home.


Like my other favorite foil says, “Thanks for dropping by!”

  1. November 10th, 2010 at 01:55 | #1

    You know, I was hoping for something much racier here . . .
    It started out so well.

  2. November 10th, 2010 at 02:42 | #2

    Well, you at least started with a suspicion of my adequacy.

    This is horrid. You are even the farmer’s daughter.

    Maybe I can get Fabio to do the cover.

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  4. November 11th, 2010 at 09:24 | #4

    Options open to you are:
    – sucker
    – pawn
    – straight-man

    I’d suggest going with the latter. :)-

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