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They say they are worth a thousand words. Well, the one that follows doesn't really work without words. But, it does demonstrate what I was trying to get across in the Stud8b discussion.


This was late play. It was against a player known for loose play of a variety of weak door cards. In this case, he's playing one of the worst possible hands you can come up with and he completed to show early aggression with a horrid hand that only looked like it had potential. That he makes his two outer early really just adds to his problem.



You can make a case for my folding on 4th street. I had chips to look further and my likelihood of making a low after 5th street made continuing a no brainer. The hand was lucky but only to a degree. It demonstrates what playing for the high only does – look to a chop. He was betting; I was calling until I could raise with the made low. If you see my hitting the gutshot as luck, it is. But, it is just like a community card game where you have the nuts with a draw to a bigger nut. You are freerolling.


I could go through hands that make me look better with a made low in the first five. Had this been the first hand of the tournament, it is likely I would have folded on 5th. While implied odds really isn't a part of limit tournaments, they get closer to existence in later play. That only happens against a guy playing a high only hand.


The article about S8b droned on about scooping with a low. Well, you don't scoop with every hand that starts low. But, against a high hand, you are the only player with that potential. There is nothing a high hand can do against that.


How about a bonus picture for your enjoyment?


I could show you hundreds of hands that played out is a similar fashion with the single hand legitimately going low only chopping in weird fashion.  Drawouts like these are common and shouldn't affect blood pressure.


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