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Is it Limiting?

November 26th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I played most of my poker at no limit tables. When I branched out, it took some getting used to playing limit. I was prejudiced against it having experienced the silliness that limit more easily allows – chasing. I bemoaned not being able to “price a call” out of reach with a good hand. Looking back I was wrong as I was approaching it with the wrong mindset.


Of course some calls can't be priced out of reach to chasers and bad beat stories abound. Betting at no limit is typically front weighted. You price flush draws and the like out of reach. It is the old mix of pot odds and outs.


Every day I see people with that mindset trying to play Stud8B. The 8 better part even exacerbates their problem as they go with high only hands and find too many callers to even consider it +EV. Profits from betting/raising are garnered from late play in such games. Good betting is back end loaded.


In S8B, hand selection is paramount. It is a simple concept. Without going into it deeply, odds change dramatically on what you play. If you have “three babies” (8 or below) to start, you've a decent chance to contest for the low. (4 to come with even odds you'll make a low.) But if there are only two babies, it is now around 5:1.


With all that in mind, lets consider a few hands:  (These are just normal hands I found somewhat interesting or that brought a laugh. Nothing too unusual or overly defining.)




Ok, you've looked at the hands. Suckouts, unfolded crap hitting, me doing a bring-in and making a high hand on fourth. As we all know, optimum strategy doesn't guarantee a win. But, the beats, leave the players with chips. So, I'm calling them drawouts instead of suckouts.


When you play good low hands and make something, it is the similar to free wheeling in the community card games. That wheel I made was against a hand, I'd have likely folded the way the cards broke. Well, I did say that I wasn't talking the strength of low hands earlier. Really that didn't take much thinking to identify it as a hand he should toss. My seventh street semi-drawout making nut-nut just adds icing. And that hand isn't really that unusual.


You can get something from these hands or nothing depending on your approach. Yes, too many often call the bring in or chase beyond reason. But, you are still on the table and the blood pressure shouldn't be issuing forth popping sounds. It leave you damaged but not destroyed and that is rewarding to a good mindset.



Well. the guilt about calling this a poker blog is temporarily moved to a back burner. I'll try to do better. Aww, you know that is pure lip service.

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