Politics and Poker

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There have been some excellent blogs about all this. The views and overviews wax and wane in typical Washington manner. One who's stayed above this fray had an unrelated post but there he provided a biblical quote that seems appropriate here.

Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.

Bastian seemed to have inadvertently put Reid et al in perspective.

So, lets change the topic a bit. I'll start on personal terms. For me it is like eating at a bad Chinese restaurant. The one from column A and the two from column B portend indigestion. Damned when you do and damned when you don't.

When the UIGEA passed, we I was screwed. I'd just started
blogging for Pokerworks – one of TonyG's properties. Snuck that one in under the wire but forget thinking raise. Had money sitting on Neteller when they dropped the curtain. And, now I live in one of the nine states that has outlawed poker – regardless of Reid and friends. The current sites cover that with a wink unless you are in Washington state. That won't happen when they have to pretend they are now more legit.

Visit the forums or a link-through if you want to see site preferences. That is a choice between naivety and greed. I have never understood those who prefer a site beyond the basest of reasons. And qualifying for Emerald Mench or Diamond Dork only point to human gullibility. Barnum was right on. Even when Bill Rini explains it to us, it goes over the head of nine out of ten.

What we are is little (or not so) rake machines. That doesn't come with any respect. It comes with a tolerance that is minimal at best. If you don't agree, send an email to their support and get back to me.

Now the pols are willing to trade that to large corporations with huge loans overhanging their balance sheets. But, they promise a fairer shake. Right. Sure. After all there will be a host of new laws to protect us designed by the best pols money can buy.



Here is a humorous question. What was the best site to play on? Well, for the most it was UB. That even goes for the super user era as long as you weren't playing the higher limits. Why?

It is still the last home of the bonus whore. I played NL SnGs in its hay day and didn't figure it out. Even now they still offer more reloads than any other site. But, until about a year ago they were totally screwing up their calculations on clearing bonus.

This wasn't on the flop games although that was most liberal because the calculation was sharing points if you participated in the pot and folded before the betting maxed the rake. The thing is they used the same rules in the ante games and that sent me rake at the stud tables on every hand. They also didn't age out bonus availability. So, when I went to learning stud, I did it at UB and finally figured it out. I was getting more bonus than they were raking and had a ton of bonus available. All that pre-UIGEA reloading via Neteller moves was still sitting there. I was playing micro and mid level stud and even then made the next to highest VIP level that let me additionally clear $100 worth of player points in cash each month.

They finally figured it out and that is gone now.

If I'd only figured that out sooner. LOL

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