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but stupid? Well, if you are a cell phone junkie, just maybe.

An “unexpected and surprising finding was how already very weak extracellular fields can alter neural activity,” he says. “For example, we observed that fields as weak as one volt per meter robustly alter the spiking activity [firing] of individual neurons, and increase the so-called ‘spike-field coherence'”—the synchronicity with which neurons fire. “Inside the mammalian brain, we know that extracellular fields may easily exceed two to three volts per meter. Our findings suggest that under such conditions, this effect becomes significant.”

It seems scientist at CalTech have found that there are electrical fields associated with the brain that were unrecorded.  They may provide a different network than synapse based mental processing.  And,  cellphones radiate fairly strong electrical fields.  So, cancer may not be as big a problem to associate with cellphones … or at least not the only one.

You may be stupider when talking on a cell phone.  That seems the case with almost everyone I talk to; so don’t bother to give me a call with your opinion on this matter.

The article is here

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