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Post Frontier

That may be coming to pass.  I just might go back to Comcast.  I still get the occasional problem and, thinking back, it was a developing situation that I don’t really consider resolved — even if they do.  But, it is working well enough to play some poker.  Yes, a poker post follows.

I guess I’ll start with my favorite reoccurring theme.   Players in that little tournament are too predictable.  Being predictable is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  I don’t know anything that is worse than the other guy having a solid read on you.  Ace-rag pales in comparison.

I played a hand against a girl that raises a lot with high hands.  And, when she does, she bets every street.  I’d had a top 5 position most of the game but it had slipped and the blinds were making me willing to gamble.  From early position she raised with a king up.  I’d brought end with a 3 showing and concealed aces.   I reraised; she three-bet; I capped.  We capped the next two streets until I was out of chips.   Neither of us improved.  She had the kings. The aces held.  Under other conditions, I’d have played the hand vastly different.  She created and succumbed to her image.

Right underneath that are people that overvalue hands and ignore pot odds.  You might throw in not being able to count outs but that’s immaterial after implementing the preceding.  These are the people that almost always are first at the walk of shame.  There’s a collection I watch that do it day after day.  You can lump them in with the previous group to an extent.  When you couple transparent with ignorantly aggressive,  it makes for a shortened session.

The fun of playing this tournament is being none of the above in the early stages.  It doesn’t get interesting until at least the 50-100 level.  The time before that is like family dinner on leftovers night.  When the blinds start to cook is the time to make hay and a gear change.  You can be more inventive but not to the overboard point.  The ones left still tend to be Doubting Tomas calling stations.  You really need notes or memory to indicate those with steal possibilities.

It is this middle period where the fun is.  Today mine was done away with by being on the wrong end of boat over boat that put me in rebuilding mode and lead to the hand I’ve already mentioned.  But, that second hour is often worth the buyin … regardless.   The third hour bring the gamble and prayers.

Anyway, I got second today.  Didn’t play the heads up particularly well.  The final table played like usual with people willing to gamble sooner than necessary.  I manged to limp along until we were down to three.   Then the guy who’d played table captain decided to self destruct.  You see some weird suicides and this one was near the top.  He was perfectly positioned and in a half dozen hands he ws running on fumes.  Unfortunately, the other guy at the table had the cards to benefit.


In the more luck than sense category,  I found my file that reloaded my RSS feed.  The one on the old system was way out of date.  For some reason not based on smarts, I’d copied the newsfox.opml file that can restore thing to a thumb drive.   Trying to get back to the RSS feed with thing all ordered as I like them and containing those I read looked daunting.   Chuck another entry under that good/bad news blog from the other day and put it in the good news category.

I’ve mentioned before that if you run Firefox I think you’ll like the NewsFox addon.  It a 3-panel setup like the better mail progams use.   It really works well.  If you want to try it but don’t like facing problems like I had, just drop me your address and I’ll send you my configuration that’ll give you a lot of the A thru D list — including moi.

When you couple the fact that the current FireFox puts an RSS button in most url lines, it is easy to build your own too.  It is a little orange square.  You can’t miss it.

Blog of the day:

ROGER SIMON: Obama And The Tea Party: The Race Card Keeps On Turning. Obama would rather believe that his problems stem from the fact that he’s black, rather than from the fact that he’s proved himself a schmuck.

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  1. March 3rd, 2011 at 13:39 | #1

    “When you couple transparent with ignorantly aggressive, it makes for a shortened session.”

    I think some players just play to blow off steam. If their crazy bets work out, they do well, but most of the time the don’t and these kind of players expect that, but don’t care.

    You and I play to try and win some money. But I also get satisfaction if I don’t win, but think I played well. Sometimes, that’s enough.

  2. March 3rd, 2011 at 13:51 | #2

    @memphis mojo

    You are right about people have a real variety of reasons to play. But, one would still think they’d share some of your ideals for playing. I think that is even more apparent with those you come in contact with in the bridge world. Yes, they both have a variety of skill levels but few are satisfied without improving.

  3. Very Josie
    March 3rd, 2011 at 14:07 | #3

    Congrats on cashing in 2nd!

  4. ComcastMark
    March 4th, 2011 at 14:34 | #4


    If you want to go back to Comcast, we are here to help!

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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