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Poker Post — So many ways

I guess I need to get one of those out.  Seeing that things haven’t gone that well of late, this should be right in my wheelhouse.

Day before yesterday, I bubbled.  Today, it was out 12th.  Coming back after a hiatus caused by my ISP makes it seem more dramatic.  I am really not far from the good side.  But, the retrospective look isn’t as kind.  Thinking about it after points out flaws in my game.  We have all got them by accident or intent.

So, rather than detail my shortcoming, I’ll detail those of those I play against.  It isn’t as beneficial but it can be far more satisfying to rationalize the post mortem.

A while back I did a blog about my opponents biggest mistake.  But, I’m seeing that as more of a collection than that post intimated.  So, let me add a few to the biggest list and recap of old.

Gear Change

That’s been my favorite big mistake.  And it still is a favorite.  B____b___ is such a player.   I often see him chip up early and then waste the advantage.  When things pick up, he stays with his game plan of overly aggressive betting/play.  He is often out early.   This little graphic is the basis for his consistent operation.

From Blog

He just can’t grasp what this means.

Hand Knowledge

C___ Awsome  doesn’t grasp that some hands play best in multiway pots.  Others you’d like to see heads up.  At Stud8B, it is a very important component.   When you pick up suited Ace-baby-baby, you hope it is a family hand where your potential outshines the  hoi polloi.  He always raises.


There is a group that always bets two pair.   They see 5’s up and a great hand.  This is a favorite ploy of B___b__ mentioned above.  He also loves a high only hand like QQ9.  He’ll push that at least three streets if not to the bitter end.  The hand is one to push only in late stage gamble mode.  Playing hard for half the pot is foolishness.


I try to play in the mid 30% area.  That is a bit loose but this is tournament play.   Late you have to play more hands.  Early you can apply cheap misdirection of your image.  You can play a bit loose.  What you can’t do with that is chase.  Chasing probably deserves it own headline but the two intertwine.  If you play loose earlier, you must immediately tighten up to succeed with such a game plan.

Pot Odds and Outs

Again a member of the chasing family.  I see the guy with the up cards paring the aces on fourth street and he gets one caller who’s showing two babies.   And, they are doing it against an aggressive or smart player.  Why would he fight the guy over the antes and a couple of cheap calls?   It just isn’t worth it 98% of the time.  I played a hand today against –you guessed it, B___b___ — who had 6-3-baby. I completed the hand against just him with A2A.  He got a 6 on fourth and I got my ace paired.  He called my bet. On 6th and 7th he got a 3 and then a 6 — he made a boat and raised me.  But, I caught a two for the bigger boat.  What could he have been thinking?

Each of these major problems is a leak.  We all have leaks.  Here though I see them combine them into all  of the above.  I see these habits send players to the sideline in the bottom 3rd.  And, they never change.  It is like they are proud of their obvious flaws


Note the graphic above.  That structure for a low rent game is amazing when compared to most sites.  Those levels just about end at the final table.  The antes will go to 75 and then 100 on the next two levels.  That will change the completion dramatically.   But, the trip to this point is more play than most sites allow.   Why do I still play with that evil entity known as UB?   Because it fits my game better than the other sites.

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