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No, not business to business but back to back.   This is the second time I managed two in a row.  I suspect my new ISP is stacking the deck for me.


I was 10th out of 10 and then went on a run.  What can I say?  I was chasing too many great draws that whiffed.

This was interesting as I had a heckler.  I’ve played him before and he does a lot of -EV things.  Today, he was very unhappy when I called him with better crap or raised him with value bets. He was most unhappy with me.   That was fun.  Nothing like a heckler to keep your attention from waning.  With luck was on my side and I was able to type in “Bye” as he left.   I can be polite to a fault.

I was able to dominate the table to an amazing degree.  Not by playing table captain but by solid play.   People tend to gamble just a scosch more than is called for and that makes for nice averaging up.


On the computer front, I need to figure where my sound went.  Thought it was plugged in right and now need to look again.   Then I need to get the computer I was using plugged back into the network so I can VPN into it and pull some files.   I like VPN better for that than just opening up that computer over the local network.   Not that its bad; it is just easier than mucking with MS applets.   Although, Win7 is a bit better at letting one configure things.

Thunder-boomers are happening here.  That means I have 85# of dog draped across my feet.

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