Sparky and his Ilk

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I am not really knocking Lightning.  It is his Senators that I’d like to see deported.  The new Republican one is bad enough with a mind on being part of the nanny government.  But, he pales in comparison to Durbin.  The guy is a joke. Sadly, he is a very powerful joke.  And that ain’t funny.


What’s Danny Durbin up to now?  Same old same old.  He never seen a dollar in some citizen’s hand that he didn’t want to spend.  He has never met a tax he didn’t like.   He’s never seen an entitlement he wouldn’t support.

He’s going to introduce a new tax.  He wants Internet businesses taxed.  The first problem is there are more than 7500 taxing entities.  That is a big hit at the cost of doing business.  He also attacking job creation giants.  According to a Google search, Amazon employees 13,900 people.   He’s probably inspired by his home state.  They instituted taxing on the Internet that has already moved Internet business across state line.  That was a recent lead in their local news.

He is also the first up to the microphone to bemoan those rich bitches that are getting another unfair tax break.  Now the fact is that the top ten percent of those earners pay ninety-five percent of the taxes now.  Do they get unfair tax breaks?  Darn right and many of those came with the support of Senator Durbin.

He is always on the local TV with another sound bite about another wondrous idea originating from his fertile mind.  He is so fertile that he should be constrained in a man-size condom. Better yet; his father should have been given a box.

The only guy over there dumber is their Governor.  You wouldn’t believe that guy so I better quit before I ask Lightning who he voted for — not that there was a reasonable choice.


Poker is all about probability.  We are fairly sophisticated in evaluating it.  It would be nice if politician played a bit of poker to understand it better.



  1. April 12th, 2011 at 17:17 | #1

    I just love it. These idiots support tax breaks and credits on companies like GE, who if you are not aware turned a profit of about 14B and wound up getting a tax benefit of around 3B and now they want to tax Internet businesses. Why did GE get such a benefit? Because the mjority of their business was overseas and the tax law is structured to give them and companies like them a competitive advantage in overseas markets. Problem is, the money does not come back to the States, they create jobs in other countries, not the States and the Us collects no taxes as long as that money never comes back to the States which means the government goes looking for more ways to tax the people and businesses that are in the States. So why the hell do we need to give these companies a competative advantage? None of the benefits make it back here. Hell, I’m no fan of the tax breaks given to the rich, they control more of the wealth in this country than maybe any time since the days of the robber barons and trust busting but if anyone does deserve breaks it is companies that are employing people in this country not overseas. Tell Durbin to get money off GE’s foreign profits before he starts screwing with the Internet. My website is down so I have to put my rant for today here. Thanks

  2. Very Josie
    April 12th, 2011 at 23:49 | #2

    Any post that starts “I am not really knocking Lightning.” is a post I want to read. 🙂

  3. April 13th, 2011 at 00:53 | #3

    His name is Dick Durbin, by the way … lol.

    Being a moderate Republican with libertarian leanings, I obviously would not be a Durbin supporter. He lost the respect of many when he did a complete about face on abortion. Of course, he realized that he would get nowhere politically as pro-life Democrat, so he switched to the dark side. To believe in an opposing moral conviction is one thing; to “change” your moral conviction is order to secure continued re-election is reprehensible.

    I have already publicly acknowledged that I voted for a Democrat, Pat Quinn, for governor. I challenge your statement that Quinn is the “only guy over there dumber” than Dick Durbin. Even dumber would be Bill Brady, who was unfortunately the Republican candidate for governor.

    btw — you are welcome for using me to help curry favor with Joe C. Looks like you are now falling under her spell. Thank goodness I can still depend on Wolfshead …

  4. April 13th, 2011 at 06:09 | #4

    Yes guys. We the electorate have short term memory loss. There is a one out there who isn’t speaking out both sides of their mouth. In a real job they’d get called on it. What other job is there that provides power without responsibility.

    As to my DanDick mental fart, I am old as Josie keeps pointing out. It was momentary as the condom line returns to him being a Dick. The fact that he was picked as #2 in the Senate indites the process.

    Sparky, your governor is still trying to spend his way out of bankruptcy. I can only give him props for his unique approach. I agree that the other candidate was also flawed but you have one overlaying problem — you are busto, broke, and he won’t look that in the eye.

    As to the fem response here, well, I guess a bit of fluff without a clue does add something.

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