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Opt Here (ancient digital finger display)

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Unless you’re back to hiding under a rock, you’ve heard that the smart phone, i-pads, and various WiFi enabled whatever track and report your whereabouts.  That is without permission.  When you take a picture with one, the phone inserts the location by default.  There is no opt in requirement to any of this.   The location file/reporting has become such a topic that Stuart Smalley Al Franken has forward a senatorial nasty-gram to Steve Jobs.  Besides that your android flavor is reporting that and all the WiFi connections you might pass.

It doesn’t seem a serious problem for most honest folks.  If you business plan is robbing gas stations, you need to dump the smart phone.

But what about the rest of us.  Well, lets take a hypothetical wife.  This hypo lady works so the phone show her location during business hours.  So the fact that she works for Bubba’s Computer Parts Co. is discerned.  At lunch time she often gets some fresh air and visits a upscale strip mall in the neighborhood where she frequents a nice clothing shop and a shoe store — she like shoes.

Well, that isn’t so bad.  They know a lot about her but not really who she is — unless they broke into he phone provider, doubtful. But, did I mention she has a blog?   She logs into her Google account to post a picture of the roses in her garden.  You knew that phones post geolocation along with pictures, right?  That is the default; you can disable it. So, she is more out in the open and we’ve got first name, last name, address, and whatever else she had captured along the way and linkedin provides her CV . And, they now have the phone linked to the online persona that they have a lot more info on.

All you folks announcing that your post was done by your phone that starts with an I getting the idea?

I can’t solve your smart phone problem for you.   There are tools available now to let you view and even delete the file.  But, it immediately start over and the old data was sent and isn’t really lost.  You need to jail break the phone to stop it. It is going to take the law to make that go away.  But, after Google stubbed its toe over capturing WiFi in the EU, I imagine there’s also a bunch of German munchkins rubbing their hands together.

I can recommend one thing that I’ve been using online with Firefox.   That is Abline’s TACO.  It lets you turn off tracking cookies.  I have gone from somewhat to cranked all the way down.  Once in a great while, a site won’t let me continue without their cookie or I need it to create an order.  I can temporarily enable all that or exempt that site with the ongoing thought for the non-shopping ones as to whether I want to interact with that site and wondering why they insist so strongly.

Y’all be careful out there, ya hear.


I-phones are the pickpockets new item of choice.  They are worth a hundred bucks to the fence where they are then shipped to China and resold for $300.  Don’t clip them on your belt or use them in public — ya, right.

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  1. April 22nd, 2011 at 23:57 | #1

    Glad I don’t have an I-phone.

    It doesn’t seem a serious problem for most honest folks.

    Isn’t that what they originally said about things like RICO and zero tolerance laws?

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