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Gods of Poker

April 28th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am meeting on UB with the Gods of Poker.  (Miramax release date next Friday)   I went to see if the Stud8 tournament might have a few more.  Not to happen — 6 runners.  But I saw a 1K guarantee.   It too was a 3.30er but also a rebuy.  It had been running about 40 minutes and had 80+ playing.   I believe that is overlay.

At the end of the rebuy it was 102 entries, 103 rebuys and 90 addons.  So, it even kept a bit of overlay.

My god it was bad.  I understand rebuys but it was all about naked bluffs.  My first hand was late position and I held AJ. The flop came J high and I bet half the pot and got a caller.  Turn was another J and I bet similar.  The river provided a blank and the opponent went all in.  Yes, I called and he showed K5 in spades with not a spade, K, or 5 to be seen.

I was an idiot before it finished but that is another and repeating story.


PokerNews reports that two more sites — Sportsbook.com and PlayersOnly.comwill stop accepting new U.S. players on May 1st.  Now that is pure strange.  Who would deposit in the next couple of days?  It says you will still get to play, deposit and withdraw.  So, they are going to be just like other facing the feds but they will eliminate new accounts. Now that is a strange business plan and not one to put a lot of faith in.

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