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UB dooby doo

April 28th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

UB continues to kick sand into the face of the SDNY.  I’ve been playing there a bit.   I might as well.  If there is a site out there that would commingle funds…

I guess the interesting thing is the site ecology with the attack on money flow.  That cheap little Stud8 tourney has a definite ecology in funding.  There are any number of players who are almost always first outs.  A less used tell are the ones that put down a fanciful city. (UB promotes home towns in their stats.)  I you are from “Bumpuck” or “Gotham City” you aren’t getting check from UB.   The money likely flows in the opposite direction.

The tournament wasn’t huge.  A big turnout would have been 50 runners.   Yesterday, it played with 5.  That number was on a constant decline since puce magenta black Friday.

I had a Tennessee payment processor super nice guy help me fund there.  At the time, nothing of mine worked and he went out of his way to help me get a hundred in my account there.   Dumb luck also allows me to report that I took a hundred off the site a few weeks back.  Another one that I tried on Black Friday as an experiment languishes.  So, I can give a transfer either from a paypal transaction or making you my 60:40 horse.   I’d just cancel that withdrawal that might not happen anyway.

But the thing is that the anguish that hit when the UIGEA hit where all the fish would bleed out seems to be finally happening on UB.  Everybody is posting about missing their poker jones.  I’d bet a good half of them have a UB account that they could try to reactivate.  But, the ecology seems toxic.  I am wonder if those of you that are still playing on a facing site are seeing the same thing.


I have been watching the Decorah Eagles.  No that isn’t a bush team in the Southern bus league.  It is a nest of real eagles with 3 chicks.  I should have done it a few weeks ago when they’d just hatched.  They have gone from white to grey furballs.  Anyway, you can give them the occasional gander here.  You can listen to them chirp or watch the parents feed them if you watch for a bit.

Grubby’s Back

In case you haven’t watched for him, he is back with his tales of the seamy side of Las Vegas.  Something there seems redundant — or is that a rare double negative oxymoron? 


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  1. April 28th, 2011 at 12:06 | #1

    UB won’t let me play. I wonder what’s going on.

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