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PPA and Other Worthless Activities

Bill Rini follows all this and has cred from his past relationship with room management.   I imagine he’d have even more to say if the NDA’s expired.  But his latest is a decent look at this moment in time.   He’s lost faith in the PPA.  As I said in his comments, I never had any.

The PPA seemed like an amateur act from the start.  We all ‘joined’ for free and got a pat on the back freeroll from Full Tilt for doing so.  That’s hardly the way to build a viable organization.  Politicians aren’t smart but they are told the importance of the constituency  that might affect them.  In this case, they saw smoke and mirrors and that’s what it was.

The PPA was the product of the fear that the online sites had with the UIGEA.  To try to counter it, they decided they should lobby and they threw some money at it to make it a quasi-legitimate entity.  Obviously, it didn’t work.  They brought on board a second rate Senator with a tainted history. Al D’Amato.  The senate normally takes care of its own.  That assumes they played the game well.  Al didn’t.  So, he was a marginalized force.  He didn’t have any clout.  Wikipedia sites his involvement with the PPA and their best citation of his efforts was appearing on Howard Stern.

I’ve no idea what he got from the funds the sites posted.   Anything over a buck-ten was wasted.   The board included Howard and Jesus — well, it was their money in large part.   They didn’t realize that when they sat down at that board table with the pro they didn’t recognize the fish.  Surprise.  Surprise.

The PPA is now only a footnote to the UIGEA.  It was never a factor.  The big boys of online gaming weren’t the pros at the table and the results are as obvious as it gets.  They were the drunken tourists.

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