Those of you with children recognize that battle cry.  Those of you with only one, encounter it just before naps.  But if you are a Minnesota dad with a love of the Captain and approaching litter status, it seldom leaves the conversation.  Of course someday they grow up and he gets his revenge by spoiling grandchildren and watching them cope with what is his present lot.  Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The thing is that children grow up.  They learn to act more civilized.   Well, some don’t.  There are long titles for the flaw they exhibit often accompanied by chemical alteration or incarceration.   We often read in the papers about those paranoid schizos  that try to reform civilization to their childish needs.  Yes, today we return to the RIAA, MPAA, class action attorneys, and other pond scum

What we need is a hero to challenge their rapacious nature.   And who better than Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. WHAT?!!! OK, you weren’t expecting me to drop that name.

“The declaration reflects an absolutely conservative position that intellectual property rights should be protected according to the existing conventions,” said Medvedev.

“No one questions that, but I have repeatedly stated that, unfortunately, those conventions were written 50 or almost 100 years ago, and they are unable to regulate the whole complex of relations between the copyright owner and users.”

“Unfortunately, this was not included in the declaration because, in my opinion, my colleagues have a more conservative opinion than is necessary at the moment. Or maybe they just don’t use the Internet and have little understanding of it.”

On 60-minutes a while back, they interviewed an intellectual property attorney for a bunch of dead stars who are making more in death than they did in life.  The recording industry screwed many of those folks with the contracts they provided said artist and they want the gilt.

Books prior to 1927 are without copyright but that changed for future works.  Even there fair use is being damaged and or done away with. Google tried to archive all books.  Those under copyright they expose in a fair use manner determined by lawyers and implemented by programmers.  That’s been attacked and even a deep pockets company like Google is now at war with special interests trying to stop what should be a great gift to society.

Yesterday, I posted a pic from a Disney movie.  About all it might do is remind someone it’d make a good rental for the kids.  But, Disney could send me an email to remove it and I would.  It won’t be worth arguing fair use or whatever.

The current legislation before the congress would let them shut down my site.  I’d have a site like showed up on three poker sites on black Friday.  Not only that, they want to bypass the courts to obtain such rights.  They are rolling forward the dates that copyrights would expire to the point they effectively don’t.  That’s having your cake and eating it … again and again and again.

Charles Babbage (26 December 1791 – 18 October 1871) invented the computer.  Well, actually, he defined the logic in today’s computer.  Taking it to the extremes copyright holders envision, everything from pocket calculators to your new computer should pay his patent holders for the right.  Of course we can go back even farther and get the old Greeks like Pythagoras a cut of the pie.

I am not sure if I am allowed to mention this based on current or future law … but what the hey.   Space Balls the Movie had a speed and result that seems to apply to my understanding of it all.

Dark Helmet: “Ludicrous Speed!” [upon going into “ludicrous speed”]
Dark Helmet: My brains are going into my feet!

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