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Listen my Children

and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.  On the 18th of April of 75, now hardly a man is now alive, who remembers that famous man and year.   Well that’s my recollection of Mr. Longfellow’s poem.  It is probably flawed a bit.  It doesn’t disprove the possibility of early onset Alzheimer. But, it is interesting for what our memory retains..

Sarah Palin did what she knows how to do — run her mouth.   The other side jumped all over that.   Then it ran to point-counterpoint ad nauseum. Nauseum is something we expect in this political era.   But it got me to thinking over the weekend — a dangerous act.   I was going to avoid the entire subject as something that only interest those pursuing a news bite. But, Barnes and Nobel on Fridays gives away a free ebook.  This week it was Stupid History by Leland Gregory and the very first one was about Paul Revere and Mr. Longfellow’s poetic license.

  • Three men set out for Concord
  • Silversmith Paul Revere
  • Cobbler William Dawes
  • Dr.  Samuel Prescott
  • They were intercepted by a British patrol
  • Revere was arrested; Dawes retreated to Lexington; Prescott continued to Concord with the warning.

The next day Revere returned home on foot as his horse had been seized.

The best commentary on all this didn’t take place until the 1850.  A historian did 2 volumes about Revere based on information from his grandson and review of available papers.   It is on Google Books in two volumes.  There is a recap I reviewed that’s is more concise.  It is there if you want to read it.

The thing is that they made the real warning what was up with the British on the 16th and the arms stored in Concord where being moved before the British march.  It is noted that the militia from adjoining areas couldn’t have made it to the battle if they hadn’t been picking up the arms that were being distributed to their area.  But, Dr. Prescott at least confirmed that the action pending was in process.

The 18th activity was sort of what you or I might have done.  It was poorly planned and executed.  About the only interesting bit of new news that I encountered was that they hadn’t thought to get something to muffle their oarlocks.  They ended up rowing right under a British ship so that seemed a necessary addition.  They went out of their way to the house of someone they knew.  A window in the upper floor responded to their knocking and a patriotic lady threw down her woolen underwear for tuse in said need.

That seems more interesting than anything Palin and friends came up with on the subject — especially true for those of us inspired by ladies underwear.  Oops, my secret is out.  I and a certain NY congressmen need to ride for it.

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