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Blind leading the Blinds

Hard to come up with a poker post these days but I have one.   It won’t win awards or surprise but it is one of those things that is nice to reinforce from time to time.

I have been occasionally playing the noon HORSE freeroll on Carbon.   It isn’t the same game as that little Stud8 tournament I regularly played on UB.  It should be closer than a NL Hold’em tournament would be.  Yet it doesn’t play anything like it.

My way of playing and doing rather well in the Stud8 tournament was controlling my aggression based on the tournament phase.   And that’s another way of mentioning blind progression.  At UB I had good notes and was able to genotype many of the players.  In a freeroll, your chance of seeing a player you recognize is slim and even then it isn’t likely you’ll get notes with a lot of value.

I haven’t lived up to my expectations in the HORSE freeroll.  I was playing a lot of HORSE a while back — mostly ring.  The HO part I play fairly tight and I consider it my weaker games.  I’m not quite a brick there but it isn’t that far removed.

That HORSE game plays with a lot more aggression/stupidity/blindness.  I’m use to that and usually appreciate their willingness to build a pot.   To many is a negative but one I can live with.   That said, I haven’t done particularly well on this site.  I think I’ve played four of these and made only one marginally acceptable run. I could wax poetic or irate at some of the coolers but that isn’t close to the reason.

The thing about the UB game is that I expected success and had grounds to believe it.  My losing streaks were short; my money and often wins were above the norm.  The only time I was ever as comfortable was with a NL rebuy honeypot I found on the old TonyG site I played while working for them.  I told one friend about it and it was so good she begged me not to tell others.   The reasons there were different though.

The reason here is the structure.  You start with 1000 instead of 1500.   The blinds go up every 7 minutes instead of 12.   That is huge.   10 versus 12 minute blind is huge.  So, throwing in the starting stack, this is giganormous or whatever.The game plan I had on UB is totally out the window.  I can try to adopt and will; but the change will never give me the benefit I had.  Even if I manage to get some money on the site, it won’t be ever quite as good with their 10 minute blinds.

Time has taught me there is a real difference between even 9 and 10 minutes.  And, I have to admit that it something I often ignore.  After all, the site determines that so you ‘get used to’ what is available.  Sometimes it seems close enough that I won’t fully adjust.  Playing this little freeroll has emphasized that leak.


In the “it never rains but…” category, a US appeals court has determined that Cloney Gowen’s suit against FT was wrongly dismissed.  Got to think variance is a bitch.  FT has gone from cash cow to ow! ow!


Here is an interesting take on piracy.

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