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I’m not always the brightest bulb on the tree

I don’t know how I missed this guy.  I was frustrated by George Bush’s wars.   And it got worse morphing into Obama’s wars1.  He seems to be the only President who can’t stop arguing with while ignoring himself.  If that confuses him, it makes me want to see the doctor about taking some Alzheimer tests.  But, I was saved from that worry.

I often watch the Pritzker Military Library shows. Today, they had a guy named Bing West.   The guy has tremendous credentials.  And, what he said made sense.  Rather than try to quote him ad nausem and getting it wrong,  go listen to the podcast of Bing West at the Prizker site.  And, if you want to see what the guy looks like, you can catch the shorter and funnier version on the Colbert Report.


1. Obama’s council has given him an opinion on the non-war.  They have determined that drone strikes against Gaddafi isn’t an act of war. Even George’s lawyers didn’t get that far out.

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