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Rare Event

One of those items with the frequency of a Mount St Helen eruption took place this morning.   No, you didn’t miss the full eclipse.  There are no comets in the area to view.  But this is huge.   A poker blogger will be leaving Vegas with a profit. 

76      David Smith      $5,031

I didn’t get to watch but my admiration is there.   Back in my PokerRoom days they had a biggy.  It was a two day event.  I had a number of friends playing it.   I made a post that said I thought Booty played the best of those I watched.   She never got a lot of traction.  She was just hanging in there while other friends flirted with the chip lead.  But, she was still conniving to keep a few chips when those who’d earlier chipped up were making the walk of shame.

It is always great to get cards when you need them and even when you don’t.   There are those days where you just can’t avoid getting it in good.  They are memorable.  But the one’s to take pride in are the cat fights.

I found out Mojo was moving on to day 2 after it was in the bag.  He had 24.8 in chips.  I looked at the draw and that made him 5th or 6th in chips at his table.  The round cost 2400 chips so he had a M of 10.   Worse though was the next level was a good pop that’d take 3600 chips for a round.

I might be able to come up with a worse situation if I tried hard.  He certainly wasn’t alone in the problem but you needed to be inventive.  How bad was it?  Well, there were a few post there about some particular pro or hand; the level changes; bit more time and   hand for hand was announced.  That was 200 and some gone from 500 and some. They call that the walk of shame but it is anything but for most. The blinds put a gun to your head.

His tweets tell us this:

  • starts at 24.8
  • slipped to around 18k at the bubble
  • another level change and “up” to 21
  • chipped up to 42 with 327 left
  • at the dinner break (190 left) he’s got an M around 10

And that continues in his tweets which you can read for yourself.  If you want to say things like:  he never got it in there; he should have taken some races; pretty boring poker — you don’t know jack.  He never had push-around chips.  With an M like that you have a bulls eye on your chest and there is a flashing neon arrow overhead so the dumb one don’t miss it.  And, he almost played his way to day 3.

That folks is an A-GAME!!!


Bill to legalize poker could make it into the hopper next week.

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  1. June 20th, 2011 at 22:39 | #1

    Thx for the nod. Did they give me a hometown in CA?

  2. June 21st, 2011 at 06:32 | #2

    Well, I didn’t get to watch the tournament/cards; so I could be completely wrong and you were just being as lucky as Josie. 😉

    Only for a while did you reside in Walnut creek, ca. The last I saw they had you from Mississippi. And that is truly weird on Harrahs part. Garbage in garbage out is something we can all understand. But, for the database to move you around like that is beyond the beyond. I am sure they have a relational database. When you signed up for your total rewards card they entered city/state and I would guess that it is only a question when you talk to one of their employees as a validation.

    The term is “relational database” and it does things like provided for and then replace duplication of data by storing it once for all combinations where it is required. It looks like the setup that Harrahs uses is a separate, dedicated system that has query rights on the corporate system. Or, your total rewards are being managed by a bizarre, bi-polar company/computer.

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