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The Amazing Amazon

No,  not Edgar Rice Burrough’s sequel to Tarzan and Jane.  It is about the Juggernaut with the Dot-com on the end. Well, it is really about there and everybody else.  Shipping is part fiction and part sloth. 

I am returning a defective purchase.  I just did the stuff I needed to do to accomplish that and got an email which said I could follow the return. You’ll see it at the bottom.  It says it is already in transit.  The sucker is laying on my bed.  Amazon is pretty good about shipping/billing compared to most but a lot of it involves smoke and mirrors.

Amazon used to almost preform like the computer infers.  Buy it today and on the road tonight.  Other places say they shipped but good ol’ UPS only shows a notification after a couple of more days.  But, my credit card has already contributed to their cash flow.

My complaint about Amazon is not for the cheating but the sloth.   It really isn’t sloth; it is cost control.  Except for this order going back and a situation that is getting more common.  The item was in stock.  It didn’t even have one of those “Only 5 left. Order Soon!” notices.  I ordered it a week ago yesterday; shipped yesterday; got it today.  Why the week and why do they keep telling me that if I join the club I can have it in two days?

Another thing, they are getting as bad at pricing as the local grocery.  The item I ordered was in the search list for $33.00 and when I went to the page it was $35.99.  And that search option is also broke in another way.  Look for a Framitz and then sort on price.  You’re likely not to see a Framitz for 2 or 3 pages and the low priced junk they let sneak into the sort show up and takes over.

Computer games show up in the darnedest places.

Information about Return Shipment

Ship Carrier: UPS
Tracking Number: 1Z05A10F2665333859
Status: In transit
Return Authorization: DDT8X7P9RRMA
Destination: LEXINGTON, KY, U

Track your package

Date Time Location Event Details
June 28, 2011 02:57:10 PM US Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit
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