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Great Monty Python skit.  Not so much fun in email and blog comments.  In the last year, I had one month that reached 372 such offering.   Some almost looked like legit praising of my excellence.  Most didn’t try.   In the last few weeks, the tool that I use for isolating spam comments has been pretty inactive and there is a reason.

I came across a plugin called Stop Spammer Registrations. By Golly!  It worked.  It did it by checking the ids and ip addresses of those offering to enhance a body part or provide meds and such. I set it to work and the spam dried up.  All those bots that were showing up seem to have gotten the message.

In the word of email, that’s declined as well.  One of the organizations that follows that has reported that it is down from 300M a day to 34M.  I’ve noticed I am getting a lot less of it.  Seems like spams heyday is drawing to a close.

It sure is nice to see that some good things are going on.   The next step has to be Obama taking the credit.


I’ve never bothered with those annoying captcha gizmos.  The only control was my needing to verify first time commentator. It served me well here and when I was at PokerWorks.  That still had the spam showing up but WordPress had and continues to improve on catching it before it can get established.   I am lazy and not detail oriented.  Nice when I can pull that off and still not fill the blog with others muck.  I can do that on my own, thank you very much.

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