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This is “dated” but…

One of the problems with those wacky Republicans is they won’t let the President pick on those fat cat executives with perks like corporate jets that need to be taxed, taxed, taxed.


Oh the inhumanity





Why green for Air Force One?  That seems to be a temporary color for the publicity photos.  This one is “GREEN” because, at huge expense, they are now able to use biofuels collected from the White House and Capital kitchens.  (If they rendered the congress instead of the deep fat fryer…) Honest! I am not making this up.

You can read all about it and read closely.  You need to read very closely to pick up all the boondoggle.  Things like the admittedly very expensive upgrade saving up to 15% in fuel.  The new Boeing Dreamliner will save 20% stock.

Don’t think the President isn’t making sacrifices.  To make this work, they had to eliminate one of the two kitchens onboard.  I can happily report they were able to save the soft serve yogurt with toppings station.  I think there were thoughts of taking it out until the Pentagon felt it would have to declare AF1 a hardship post for the crew.

Stay with it Mr. President!  Protect us from those Fat Cats.

P.S.  The old AF1?  Not to worry!  That goes back to Boeing to be retrofitted and even greater cost.

Be sure to click on that link.  It is a hoot!   I laughed; I cried…














How big a hoot?  Check out the date.  I couldn’t resist.

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