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Comcast Resolved?

I guess this is the fourth time I thought that the Comcast mess was resolved.  You know me.  The eternal optimist, right?  The trip stayed convoluted right up to ComcastSteve’s last promise.  I class that with a Bill Clinton bodily fluids guarantee.

After posting all that stuff on DSLReports, I got the following response:

I’d already provided that info to their database when I signed up.  I provided it to the person who gave me the reference number I used in the title to the post.  I’d also given it to every Comcast employee along the way.  You don’t need to be a time study expert to realize that such inefficiency multiplied so many times impacts cost in a serious way with the millions of interactions that take place.

You may be wondering just why ComcastSteve needed my phone number with our conversation being over the Internet. Maybe not.  I discounted it at the time.  But ComcastSteve is a sneaky devil — or Comcast without Steve is.   I’m guessing the latter.   Why? besides my having info you don’t have yet. Everybody wanting that same info probably wasn’t for including in their Facebook friends page. In ComcastSteve land, it seemed normal.  Stop and think horror movie.

OK, here is where the scary music start to play and you know there a crescendo where you jerk in your movie seat.  My electronic interaction via DSLReports with good old ComcastSteve branched to a new path.  My cell phone rang and it was a guy who didn’t say he was Steve but did say he was Comcast, “Mr. Prevo, this is Comcast. I wanted to let you know that you should have your refund in five to seven days.”  Me: “Thanks”  Him: “Glad we could be of service.”  Me: “Bye.”  That call lasted about 10-seconds or so.

You see the nefarious component don’t you?  Nothing in writing.   Customer service?  [Insert laugh track; roll credits]


I see why Comcast needs to charge whorehouse prices. It is a poorly run company.  It can be because of the local monopolies it enjoys.  You can be abusive, stupid, and inefficient when you are the only game in town.  It doesn’t take a Harvard case study to validate this premise.  Comcast broadcasts it in their every action.

When DSL was the only broadband around, the government required it to open its lines to competition.  Verizon was the local carrier but I used Earthlink.  The telcos have crippled it a bit but it is still possible.  Government never gave us that opportunity with cable.  Do you wonder why?  Silly Goose.  Take a look at their political contributions.



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  1. July 27th, 2011 at 19:45 | #1

    A woman who works for Comcast came into my office today and said these words of wisdom: “When you work for Comcast you don’t tell anyone who you work for.”  I guess she has taken abuse many times.

  2. July 27th, 2011 at 20:30 | #2

    You don’t have to wonder why Comcast has been in the top 10 (bottom 10?) for worst customer service for 3 years running finishing 2nd in 2009, 3rd in 2010 and improving all the way to 7th this year. 

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