Oh happy Day

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Oh, happy day.  When Jesus Washington washed our sins away.

Well  the 999:1 odds proved to be correct.  Long shot betters can return to the stale beers.  The nation isn’t quite off to debtor’s prison.  The posturing and outright lying will scale back a bit in Washington.  The rest of the country will slump and look appropriately embarrassed by the folks they elected and probably will reelect next year. 

Now that both sides have gotten bullets for their campaign brochures, I wonder what happened.  We are going to save a trillion dollars over 10 years. Does anybody have a clue on what was cut?  Does anybody think the cuts will stick?

This was political theater and the writing sucked.  Believability? Please!  It is the same ensemble sitcom that  combines time and again to add restriction after restriction on business and individual.

Republican?  Democrat?  Neither should engender pride.  Those tea party folks got elected because it is broke.  They just lack viable ideas and are fragmented by the same issues that regular politician keep recycling.

Whatever just happened should come with similar disclaimers to the ones that show up on drug ads:  “Repeated use can cause suicidal mental problems, loss of bodily functions, and insanity.  If you can’t afford this, we may be able to help; but don’t count on it. Seriously, don’t count on it.”

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