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Love – Hate

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Happens in life.   Happens in blogs.  Sure as hell happens playing poker.  It life’s two outers impinging on our happiness.  Poker brings that on — even without help from Federal agents.  This is another bit of biased retrospection.  The years sneak by and we see the mish-mash of hope, change, and sameness.  Love-hate … curse-blessing.

My participation in poker was very peripheral and that’s mostly how I’ve wanted it.  It avoids being eaten alive which is another possibility.  That happens and I’ve always hoped to be outside looking in on such occurrences.  I started blogging for money.  I really hadn’t done it much.  Somehow the one outer fell and I was a poker blogger.

Since that happened poker really changed.  Well, it was on a few weeks after my start that the UIGEA came out of the woodwork and ports bill. That was as annoying as that Broadway and red flop Mojo just detailed. It was scary at the time but rationalizing again worked or at least postponed.


That how geologist sum things up.  It goes in descending/shrinking time-frames.  Human eras are less defined — 20-something and so on.  Businesses have their progressions of growth, income and so on — changing goals.  It is a succession of pivotal events. That’s a term that applies to poker and its players  — in spades.

Newton’s Law of Motion states that objects in motion tend to remain in motion; objects at rest tend to remain at rest — unless acted upon by an external force. That isn’t a bad description of poker or living either.

The external-force/pivotal-event bugaboo has operated on poker repeatedly and near exponentially.

  • Who would have thought that my few hundred dollar investment needed the same concern and legislation as some company too big to fail?
  • Who’d have thought that a cash cow reported to earn a million a day would be so stupid/greedy as to destroy itself and its reputation?
  • In a world spouting free trade and equality, a government would create lines and barriers that impinge on citizens rights.  (That one doesn’t stop at poker.)
  • The old gods — Moneymaker, Doyle, Raymer, Negreanu, et al — would be replace by a collection of powers where we don’t know whether to admire or burp them.

The only state seems to be one of flux and that surrounds more than getting our poker Jones.  Poor decisions are cumulative these days in areas beyond our tournament stacks.  Poker isn’t the front page item but the mistakes it has seen translate to those sound bites.

It is time for that annoying little red-head to start singing Tomorrow.  It isn’t all bad.  Time for a little loving.  The poker sites left,  including the defunct, are adding value.  PokerStars may be the most noticeable.  It EPT and all those other ?PTs are creating the brand beyond all efforts from their competition.  It played it smart and well.

The two defunct sites have increasing value as the possibility of pokers return here grows.  Groupe Whatever etc — angle shooter in the FT mold — are white knights only to get the best software; they ain’t buying the reputation.   Somebody unknown is apparently making that play at lesser cost with UB.  Good software comes at the cost of thousands of manhours to reach a refined state.  That’s their attraction.

Casinos may bemoan the paltry revenue that their brick and mortar rooms provide.  They see the profits are their in the online market.  The fixed overhead is marginalized.   They chomp at the bits and want to throw money at the surviving entities.  It isn’t love-hate but a mix of dumb-smart that will drive things forward.   The dollar signs cloud their view.  That doesn’t bode well for players.

If — the two most powerful letter in any mix — things had progressed without intervention, player experience would be vastly different and probably vastly improved.   Before the disruption, the marketplace was doing the predictable.  It was the bubble era.  We had great value — silly value.   Change rather than normal was enforced.  That didn’t hugely benefit the players.  But, it still holds promise.  We are now to be given a mulligan — restart.  Players will again be wooed.  The resulting fallout will make the environment more competitive and thats to our benefit.  Competition will grow until the overbuilding is corrected.  That is very predictable.

Keep the faith!  Poker!  Got love it … at least until …


Step into Otis’ time machine at his day job.  He bylines as his alter-ego Brad Willis.   That’s the one that mascaraed as leading a Mayberry  existence.  In truth, he lurks in dark, casino hallways looking for his next  Keno crayon fix.  Although there is another rumor that is also fictitious.   It appears the real Brad Willis is an Ausie soap opera fixture — well, that does kinda fits, assuming throwing a Frisbee around is really sport.

Brad was a very sporty, athletic man, especially into surfing, and was highly popular with women. He had relationships with Lucy Robinson and Lauren Carpenter as well as his eventual wife Beth Brennan. Brad and Beth married in 1993, leaving Erinsborough for Perth.

Nahh, that’s too big a stretch.  I’m sticking with the Keno crayon version.


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